Friday, August 10, 2007

Google: The Right Call?

OK, I'm super-busy, but I've got several items to post here before I lose them, so here goes:

Google has announced a new, free, 411 service. Yep, you can call on your phone, talk to a pretty smart computer, and have it read to you from the phone book. It's pretty smart, and very interesting.

Now I like Google--their stuff is innovative, often best-in-class, and usually at a price that can't be beat (read: free). And they've figured out how to make a ton of money at those ridiculous rates. But as they keep dominating every industry they decide to enter, they are starting to scare me a little. I mean, 411 services, for crying out loud! It's pretty far afield from web search (which they'd argue, as their stated goal is to organize the world's information--but my point stands).

Don't misunderstand me; I'm a free-enterprise guy, and I don't think anybody should try to regulate them into little pieces or anything. I'm just saying that their seemingly unimpeded march through all in their path is making me a little nervous. I know their informal motto is "Don't be evil", but if they decide change their mind they could, I dunno... usher in the apocalypse or something.

All that said, if Google wants to buy any web properties from me, just a few million bucks could change my mind.

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